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A Canaanite from the ancient city of Memphis is training the prince in the magical arts. Another magician, jealous of the Canaanite’s place at the prince’s side, causes the prince to fall ill and die. The Canaanite is banished, but returns and is found at the prince’s side while the prince’s body is being prepared for burial. For this act of sacrilege, the Canaanite is executed, blinded in one eye and hanged. But before he dies, he claims to have been born during the reign of Menes, who had reigned some four hundred years before.Next we are given several short accounts of lives through the centuries: a thief during the time of Solomon, a magician in the court of Nero, Merlin’s destroyer, a count in Medieval France, a debunker of spiritualists in Victorian England. Always, despair follows in his wake. Our next stop is present day New York.Michael Hawke is a would-be actor, and an aspiring magician. He spends most days in Central Park, practicing his art as a magician and a mime. One day his path crosses with that of a strange, old man. In those few minutes, he is given a horrifying lesson in the man’s power.Rather than being put off by the experience, Michael becomes obsessed with finding the man, even to the point of soliciting the help of his girlfriend, Emily, in the quest. He wants to know what the man knows, to feel, and control, the power that he felt that day.What follows is a game of cat and mouse, since all along the man had wanted Michael to find him. Max, for that is what the man calls himself, is also a magician, and takes Michael as his protégé. He tells Michael that he wishes to “leave it all,” and wants Michael’s help with his final performance in payment for teaching him his art and giving him his power. Michael agrees to the pact, and though there are plenty of suggestions that Max is most certainly hiding things from him, Michael persists in his studies.Finally, the day comes. The stage is set, the house is packed. At first, all goes well. But Michael will find that there’s a price to be paid for all the power being passed on to him.I picked this book because I’ve long been of fan of Mr. Tryon’s other works, especially The Other, and Harvest Home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t compare.The book veers between being intense and riveting, to plodding and dull. It probably would have worked better as a short story. Several characters are never fleshed out, yet there is much that could have been easily left out. At the same time, there is much that is never satisfactorily explained.The author died while revising the book, which may explain much. I can’t help but wish that I could have read the book this story was meant to be.

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